Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Middle Level Certificate...Good? or Bad?

So I am a Middle Level Math and Science major at Edinboro University.  Upon graduation I will be certified to teach from 4th grade up to 8th grade.

I have heard a lot of good that will come from this program.  Most of it coming from the school and my instructors.  It prepares teachers to relate directly to the age group they will be instructing.  With instruction that is geared to the very important time in life their students will be living through.  Aside from creating educators that know their students and love them, I have heard a lot of talk about the negatives of a mid level degree.

As hard as it is to get a job in the education field, is a more specific level of qualification such a good idea?  The fact that most teachers once hired are there for life, and that many schools are cutting jobs rather than creating new ones is the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) making it harder for new teachers to find jobs?

I am not overly concerned because I know that I am called to be a teacher and in that I know I will get a job!  But I think it is an important discussion to have!  What do you think?

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