Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This I Believe Video Reflection

I enjoyed doing this project. I love making videos, I started doing them in high school for computer and design classes and have continued doing them just for fun. I prefer to use iMovie because it is totally user friendly and it has a lot of cool features. Unfortunately I do not have a Mac, I have a Dell and Windows Movie Maker is now my friend.

I used garage band to record my verbal essay and I then uploaded my essay into movie maker. I had some issues with movie maker referencing the files and videos I was using but once I got those worked out I was up and running. I have only ever uploaded two videos to youtube.com, so that’s all still pretty new to me but I am figuring it all out. I haven’t gone public with either one yet but soon enough I will have a viral video. I just know it. ;)

The content of my essay and video are my true feelings about how influential teachers can be in students’ lives. I believe that as educators we can greatly impact our student’s lives. And not just in the moment but for years and years to come!

The part that I didn’t enjoy was the part where my computer would not recognize my video and Windows Movie Maker would not upload it. It was even more frustrating when one time I would open my project and it would work and the next time it wouldn’t.

Overall I thought this project was unique and fun.  As an educator I plan to incorporate these types of elements into my professional blog and curriculum.